The Chernobyl nuclear disaster was the ultimate link in a long chain of evacuations of people and massacres, Luciferian killings of cultures. A travel reportage in the form of novel with strong autobiographical veins, this book aims to bring out the buried spirit of abandoned places, to redo their history.
For most, Chernobyl is only the nuclear power plant, luminescent for its bulb of burning uranium and the day after stories following the accident in 1986, the most serious of all time. But that Faustian event, which marked the real end date of communism, it was actually the ultimate link in a long chain of evacuations and massacres of people: almost as that corner of the Ukrainian land was the chosen site of a project for the cancellation of the right of men to tell their own story. Chernobyl is an ancient place, of numerous Jewish population, although few traces are left of that world to try to imagine it. It was the undisputed center of Hasidism, which became the soul of those places. In Chernobyl area took shape the more livid cruelty of wars between Ukrainians, Russians and Poles.  But around Chernobyl there are also traces of the Gogol ' stories, of the Mikhail Bulgakov's novels, of Babel' or Grossman and other spirits and demons. Partly travel reportage, partly archeology of human situations bringing the buried spirit of abandoned places, it is a non-root book, because the eradication is the real key of the private events and the Central Europe history.



Francesco M. Cataluccio
Published in: 
Translated in Polish by:
with title: Czarnobyl