Francesco: un passaggio

Nothing in the writings of Francis and Clare of Assisi seems to establish a symmetry in their relationship: Francis is appointed thirty-two times by Clare, which does not appear even once in the writings of Francis. The finding, imposed by the texts, deletes many pages on a mystical pair that did not happen.
But the same texts, even if poor and reticent, hint at the real attitude of Francis towards Clare and towards women in general. With tight analysis of Francis' and his biographers' writings, Jacques Dalarun identifies the steps that have or evoke traits and moments of this attitude, or refer to a comprehensive system of representation of women and femininity, or make use of definable categories as feminine. Through this reading of the sources, new and fundamental aspects of the religious path of Francis are deepened and clarified.

"If one day a biography of Francis is once again possible, it will be thanks to works like this. But in any case today, with this book, we know something more about Francis: it is not really a little thing"(Giovanni Miccoli).

Jacques Dalarun
Published in: 
Translated in croatian by:
with title: Franjo Asiski: prohod