Il Filo e le tracce

Carlo Ginzburg's brilliant and timely new essay collection takes a bold stand against naive positivism and allegedly sophisticated neo-skepticism. It looks deeply into questions raised by decades of post-structuralism: What constitutes historical truth? How do we draw a boundary between truth and fiction? What is the relationship between history and memory? How do we grapple with the historical conventions that inform, in different ways, all written documents? In his answers, Ginzburg peels away layers of subsequent readings and interpretations that envelop every text to make a larger argument about history and fiction. Interwoven with compelling autobiographical references, Threads and Traces bears moving witness to Ginzburg's life as a European Jew, the abiding strength of his scholarship, and his deep engagement with the historian's craft.

Carlo Ginzburg (Torino 1939) teaches at the University of California. His works are translated in more than twenty languages and received numerous awards, such as Salento Award, Viareggio Award and Warburg Award. He is member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Carlo Ginzburg
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with title: Faden und faehrten