Johann Baptist Metz

A scholar of Karl Rahner, Johann Baptist Metz feels the need to overcome his transcendental theology to enforce the practical dimension of theology. So he became the founder of a "new political theology" where the world is the place of the God's revelation and thus as the place where the Christian faith is present with its political significance. This means that it's better to leave the "bourgeois religion" and to give life to a Church as a community of exodus, a critical community thanks to the subversive memory of Jesus that it is called to keep alive. The Shoah is the marking event of the twentieth century and imposes the need for a new theodicy: you can not, in fact, do not listen to the question flowing from that tragedy: "How can we speak of God after Auschwitz?". Metz's theology took shape gradually, but it has served to bring out the reflection from the abstract issues, relating to the conditions of possibility of the Christian event, to make it land to questions rising from the evil of the world.


Giacomo Coccolini
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with title: Johann Baptist Metz