Mezzi senza fine

The eclipse of politics began when it failed to deal with the transformations that have emptied its categories and concepts. It so happens that genuinely political paradigms have to be found in experiences and phenomena that are not usually considered politicals: the natural life of men, according to the diagnosis by Foucault, returned in the center of the "polis ", the concentration camp, where the more private, the blood, becomes a decisive political criterion, defining a space of indistinguishability between biological life and the political sphere; the refugee, who, breaking the link between man and citizen, evolves from a marginal figure to a decisive factor in the crisis of the nation-state; the language as a political place "par excellence", subject of contention and handling; the sphere of pure means or gestures, which, while remaining the same, emancipate themsleves from their relationship to an end. Dedicated to the memory of Guy Debord, the book seeks to rethink the categories of politics into a new reality, in which the peoples of the earth seem to have exhausted their historical tasks, and power and bare life and are now facing one another without intermediaries.


Giorgio Agamben
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Translated in Romanian by:
with title: Mijloace fara scop