Numero e Logos

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Logos is not only the 'discourse', nor can it be understood as a simple "word": the Word that, according to John, is the beginning of everything. It is inevitable that, if we want to recover the lost sense of logos, we need to compare it to the number, because their fates are intertwined to such an extent that one would not exist without the other. They already appear together in the verses of Homer, we understand their affinity in the first theogonies, in ancient tragedy and in the Pythagorean philosophy - and in the sources from which we get the ritual origin of mathematics the number has a meaning similar to that subsequently adopted by the logos. But what can Logos tell us again after centuries of reflections, from Heraclitus to Hegel and Heidegger ? The answer lies first of all in its mediating function, and the originally assigned task to hold together the structure of the universe, even in its most distant parts, unfinished and inaccessible. A task that it could not continue to perform without the reality and power of realization of numerical algorithms. The relationship between the number and the logos points to a rich and original perspective, and a new direction in which to grasp the roots and the fate of philosophical and scientific thought in the West.

Is this the new direction that this  provocative and fascinating book aims to explore, which continues and extends previous Zellini's researches and discovers, taking advantage of countless testimonials, a dense network of analogies and correspondences between scientific concepts and knowledge's formulas.


Paolo Zellini
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