Saper vedere l'architettura

Published for the first time by Einaudi in 1948 and gradually updated until the twenty-first edition, it was received by critics and audiences worldwide with great favor and is considered the first attempt to provide an education to architecture valid for everyone.
Have you ever thought of your home, office, school, cinema, restaurant, shops, roads and squares you attend? Have you ever really seen the spaces where you live? Have you reflected on the specific value of architecture, compared to that of the other arts? What is the difference between your home and a temple, or a triumphal arch? The judgment that we take on a monument by Borromini or Bramante is based on different criteria from those related to the appreciation of a Terragni, Le Corbusier or Wright work? Is architecture an "abstract" art, or does it have precise contents? This book answers to these questions: its purpose is to reveal the secret, the spatial essence, of architecture, so that you also may truly see the environments where you spend so much of your existence.
Bruno Zevi
Published in: 
Translated in Albanian by:
with title: Si ta kuptosh arkitekturen