Verità e interpretazione

Praxis and technicism are today the most common conceptions, but also the most dangerous, because they confirm that crisis of philosophy that brings with it, among other things, the scientific superstition, the religious fanaticism, the triumph of ideology: all effects of exploitation of thought. In this situation, the task of the philosopher is to recall the thought to its original "ontological" dimension and to its authentic truth function. But the truth must be conceived in a very critical way, that makes it plausible to modern man, steeped in history, reluctant to offer itself to the mere contemplation, accessible to a plurality of perspectives, yet steadfast in his ulteriority, which allows it to require a total commitment not vanishing in the pure practice and to multiply infinitely without fading into relativism. Only the concept of "interpretation" is able to satisfy such conflicting requirements: at this point the author, who is presenting the results of his extensive meditations on this concept, is directly inserted in the middle of the current philosophical debate, particularly involved in this problem. Existentialism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, neopositivism, humanities, ideology, revolution, traditions, practices, technics, communication, demystification: all the current most important and urgent problems of today's world are addressed in the close and lively discussion of this book, which is the fruit at a time of a rigorous philosophical meditation and of a strong and often controversial stance.

Luigi Pareyson
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Translated in Spanish by:
with title: Verdad e interpretacion