SEPS Mail February 2011

Dear Publisher

SEPS – European Secretariat for Scientific Publication is a non-government body with a consultative status in the Council of Europe.
SEPS grants contributions towards the translation of high cultural value non fiction works, both scientific and humanistic, from Italian to other languages or vice versa.
For further info about SEPS’ activity, please visit our website:

In order to improve our dialogue, please let us know the personal email of your Foreign Rights Manager. You’ll also get a free link to your publishing house's website on

In order to increase SEPS's transparency policy, from now on we will make known the list of approved contributions.
Listed below are our latest deliberations (in red the requiring publisher, followed by the scheduled publication date):

1- Pragmatismo by Giovanni Papini (Vallecchi 1913) - Editorial Cactus (Argentina) 2011

2- Il Soggetto e la Maschera by Gianni Vattimo (Bompiani 2003) - IKZS (Serbia) 2011

3- Carlo V e Spagna Imperiale by Giuseppe Galasso (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura 2006) - Centro de Estudios Europa Hispanica (Spain) 2011

4- Il Commercio librario nell'Italia del Rinascimento by Angela Nuovo (FrancoAngeli 2003) - Brill (Netherlands) 2012

5- Breve storia dell'anima by Gianfranco Ravasi (Mondadori 2003) - St. Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute (Russia) 2011

6- Mussolini and his Generals by John Gooch (Cambridge UP 1997) - LEG Libreria Editrice Goriziana (Italy) 2011

7- To the Threshold of Power 1922-33 by Macgregor Knox (Cambridge UP 1997) - LEG Libreria Editrice Goriziana (Italy) 2011

8- The Great Revolutions and the Civilizations of Modernity by S.N. Eisenstadt (Brill 2006) - Armando Editore (Italy) 2011


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