Seps Newsletter - February 2011

SEPS online: an increasingly effective dialogue

Knowledge spreading has always been one of SEPS’ main objectives. The best way to make this ambition real is to work for an increasing transparency and effectiveness in our activities, because only an authentically open and punctual communication can let different international publishers know all the opportunities SEPS can provide. The idea guiding our commitment, especially during this complex and difficult phase in the book world, is to offer publishers an additional opportunity to spread knowledge.


SEPS is, therefore, glad to announce that its website,, enhanced itself with new tools, to further improve its contacts with publishers and institutions. To speed up the usual procedure, you can now compile the Application Form directly online, and publishers who send all the necessary documentation within ten days will benefit from a prompter decision. Last but not least, we created the Translations in progress page, where everyone can verify in every moment which are the most recent books receiving a translation grant from SEPS.