The Dynamic Assessment of Cognitive Modifiability

Revised and extended edition of the 1979 volume addresses the necessity of directing the process of dynamic assessment and mediation to a wide range of learners by focusing on the enhancement of cognitive functions and the need for the individuals to modify themselves in order to adapt to changing conditions of existence.

Divided into four parts, the authors discuss the conceptual and theoretical basis for dynamic assessment. The second part provides the clinical application with detailed description of the procedure and instruments of the Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD) and the application in both the individual and group format. In the third part, a deep analysis of the research and construction of the LPAD instruments with their field testing and applications to research programs of various populations. Finally the process of creating the outcomes of dynamic assessment which will address the learner profile of modifiability and the process of summarizing and conveying results.

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Translated in:
Erickson (2013)
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LPAD Learning Propensity Assessment Device
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