Ridere rende liberi

Comici nei campi nazisti

The book was born from a research carried out on the output of some comedians to whom we owe, in the Thirties, the legendary greatness of the Central European cabaret, in particular the Berlin one. For the most part Jews, as Jewish was the color of their humor, their fate was marked by the advent of Hitler in power. Expelled from the sets and stages on which they had excelled, their performances replicate in increasingly harsh situations: ghettos, deportation, extermination. They are "stars of first greatness that have no more of greatexcept for the yellow star sewn clearly on their chest". Their personal journey becomes an opportunity to reflect about the powers and the impact strength of laughter, to reason on the sense of the comic in the heart of pain when, to complicate its dynamics, the relationship that exists between the executioner and the victim intervenes and the torturers contend with the persecuted "the last laugh".

Antonella Ottai
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Gedisa (2020)
With the title:
La risa nos harà libres
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