La Realtà non è come ci appare

Time, space, and substance appeared to be generated by a burst of elementary quantum events. The challenge of contemporary science in quantum research is to understand this deep weaving of reality. Carlo Rovelli, one of the protagonists of this adventure, leads the reader to the heart of the research in a simple and compelling way. He explains how our image of the world has changed from antiquity to the latest discoveries: the evaporation of black holes, the universe before the big bang, the granular structure of space, the role of information and the absence of time in fundamental physics. The author draws a vast fresco of the world's physical vision, clarifies the content of theories like general relativity and quantum mechanics, brings us to the edge of current knowledge and offers an original and articulated version of the main issues still open today. Above all, he communicates the fascination of this quest, the passion that animates it and the beauty of the new perspective on the world that science reveals to our eyes.


Carlo Rovelli
Year of Publication
Translated in:
With the title:
De Werekelijkheid is niet wat ze lijkt
Translated in:
Contraponto (2019)
With the title:
A realidade não é o que parece