Utopia e tirannide

It resists in common sense a syllogism given for granted: utopia inevitably leads to tyranny. The dreams pursued during the modern revolutions from 1789 onwards would only give birth to monsters, authoritarian, tyrannical, totalitarian regimes. Since the time of the Cold War until the current triumph of neoliberal thought, to the mirage of the social justice has been assigned the mortal sin of state intrusion into the sphere of personal autonomy and to social legislation the most serious threat to the freedom. The illusion of realizing social justice through the law would be the fundamental fault of the Enlightenment, the Utopians, the Socialists.Major jurists, economists, historians, neoliberal philosophers Mises, Talmon, Aron, Hayek, Berlin, Furet have repeated it for decades and have invoked as their master one of the greatest scholars of utilitarianism, of British liberalism and European socialism: Elie Halévy. Michele Battini excavated in his archives, kept in Paris, and brought back to light unseen or forgotten texts, discovering that the master did not think so and that, until the death - on the eve of World War II - he allowed the possibility of combining socialism and freedom.


Michele Battini
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Utopie et tyrannie
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