Coléopteres d'Europe

This guide studies the most important and popular species (almost 800) of beetles known in Europe, most of which are recognizable on sight. All the species are accompanied by a photograph, with a very high resolution and a strong enlargenment, which allows its identification, and a descriptive schede that illustrates distribution, biology, ecology and some elements of ethology.

Furthermore, a large introduction illustrates anatomy, development and habits, all completed by a brief history of their scientific discovery and an excursus on the interactions between beetles and humans, which can be advantageous or problematic depending on the species.

A work intended for the general public, from the curious enthusiast to the expert entomologist, to confirm the essential role of beetles in the ecosystem and the importance of ensuring their conservation.

Vincent Albouy, Denis Richard
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Ricca Editore (2018)
With the title:
Guida ai coleotteri d'Europa
Editori associati (tassonomia)