Quando guidavano le stelle

A sentimental journey but very real: in four navigations the journey winds from the Aegean of Ulysses to the Roman coasts of Ostia, from Constantinople to Andalusia, from Ragusa to Cyprus, and finally from Alexandria of Egypt to Ravenna. From port to port, from stage to stage, we find ourselves in different eras, in the 5th century BC Athens, in Carthage on the eve of the third Punic war, in the Valencia of the Cid Campeador, in medieval Genoa, in Istanbul, and in Naples at the beginning of the twentieth century. Each landing tells a piece of Mediterranean history, through the memory of great events or the rediscovery of forgotten characters, but always talking about ourselves and about that sea that never ceases to raise hopes.

Alessandro Vanoli
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Argo (2018)
With the title:
Tenkrát, když navigovaly hvězdy
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