Spiritualità e Bibbia

The itinerary proposed here basically follows two paths. After offering the symbolic key to enter the spiritual horizon of the Holy Scriptures, rich in thematic iridescences, Ravasi first of all proceeds with an integral examination of the two Testaments in their canonical order. Here some specific stops are necessary, addressing capital texts such as the Prophets, the Psalms, Job, the Canticle, the Beatitudes - real high-altitude paths of biblical spirituality. The other path followed is more panoramic: Ravasi outlines a synthetic map of the spirituality of the Scriptures, so as to compose a unitary theological message, based on the category of "knowledge" in its vast biblical semantic multiplicity. These two movements, accompanied by a constellation of aggregate themes - such as the Holy Spirit, poverty, lectio divina or the spirituality of suffering - ultimately outline not only a guide to mysticism, but also an essential synthesis of biblical theology. There the spiritual is an affective but not irrational experience, interior but not abstract; it is an incorporeal but also a "carnal" experience, it is a mystery but also an epiphany; it is silence but not aphasia.





Gianfranco Ravasi
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Sal Terrae (2020)
With the title:
Espiritualidad y Biblia
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