Il Cacciatore celeste

There was a time when, if you met other beings, you didn't know for sure if they were animals or gods or lords of a species or demons or ancestors. Or simply men. One day, which lasted many thousands of years, Homo did something that no one else had anything yet. He began to imitate those same animals that haunted him: predators. And he become a hunter. It was a long, upsetting and rapinous process, which left traces and scars in rituals and myths, as well as in behavior, mixing with something that in ancient Greece was called "the divine", tò theîon, different but presupposed by the sacred and the holy and previous even to the gods. Numerous cultures, distant in space and time, associated some of these dramatic and erotic events to a certain area of ​​the sky, between Sirius and Orion: the place of the Celestial Hunter. His stories are intertwined in this book and branch out in multiple directions, from the Paleolithic to the Turing machine, through ancient Greece and Egypt and exploring the latent connections within the same, not circumscribable, territory: the mind.







Roberto Calasso
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Anagrama (2020)
With the title:
El Cazador Celeste
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