Is the Bauhaus still relevant? Is your legacy still valid as a school that integrated various disciplines? Is it still influential in the world of design? Where does reality end and pure myth begin around the contributions of the Bauhaus? Tomás Maldonado was one of the founders of the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Higher School of Design) in Ulm, which maintained a controversial relationship with the cultural and educational heritage of the Bauhaus and indelibly marked the history of design in the second half of the 20th century.

This book brings together various texts by this outstanding designer master who tell us about the institution founded by Walter Gropius and its pedagogical model, the author's relationship with the Ulm school, the legacy of Hannes Meyer or the political role and social responsibility of the designer. It includes also Maldonado's correspondence with prominent members of the Bauhaus such as Gropius himself and Josef Albers, as well as with eminent art and architecture critics such as Gillo Dorfles and Reyner Banham. Other writings by different disciples close the volume.

Tomás Maldonado
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Anagrama (2021)
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