Sermones IX-XIV

Third and last part of Antonio Urceo Codro's Sermones (1446-1500), this volume contains academic lectures with very varied themes: in Sermones IX and XI the pastoral and rural life is celebrated; in Sermo X the primitive and founding character of the Greek language and literature is praised; in the Sermo XIII the liberal arts are reviewed; in Sermo XII, dedicated to the right medium, Rubiera's master gives breath to all his storytelling vis, orchestrating the discourse in incessant dialogue with the public. After Sermo XIV, dedicated to virtue, and a short speech composed for an anonymous young man (Sermo ultimus), the book is closed by the fortunate Vita Codri, composed by his most affectionate pupil, Bartolomeo Bianchini.

Antonio Urceo Codro
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Carocci (2021)
With the title:
Sermones IX-XIV
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