Deleuze, les mouvements aberrants

It is one of the most important texts dedicated to the thought of Gilles Deleuze, which this translation finally makes available to the Italian reader. The title of the volume indicates a precious concept for traversing the dense forest of “irrational logics” produced by Deleuzian thought and engaging in an intense theoretical confrontation with its lexicon and its conceptuality. This path is realized through multiple themes and figures belonging to heterogeneous disciplinary fields, including art, science, psychoanalysis, anthropology and sociology. David Lapoujade's text constitutes a fundamental work, by virtue of its clarity, for reading Deleuze and a clear philosophical proposal for interpreting the contemporary world. For this reason, Lapoujade highlights the highly creative and political character of the theoretical production of the French philosopher, since "thinking, for Deleuze, is always conceived as a warrior act".

David Lapoujade
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Mimesis (2020)
With the title:
Deleuze, i movimenti aberranti
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