Il Parsifal di Wagner

It has often been discussed about the religiosity of Richard Wagner's extreme masterpiece, Parsifal, an aspect that is sometimes shared, sometimes rejected: in the face of profoundly divergent readings both in the field of studies and on stage and in the multiplicity of intellectual and speculative visions, it is advisable to question the work of art identifying its authentic roots.This book aims to merge textual analysis with that of music, trying to understand how Richard Wagner, writing a musical drama dealing with redemption, expresses it not only in verbal and plot terms, but through the use of conductive motifs, of harmony and orchestral art."Music tells us 'this is', because it overcomes any conflict between concept and sensation, and it does so through the musical form, not comparable to anything real, completely diverted from the phenomenal world and capable instead of captivating our soul as through grace". (Richard Wagner)

Giangiorgio Satragni
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Translated in:
Koenigshausen & Neumann (2023)
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