Il Medioevo in 21 battaglie

Knights, foot soldiers, archers and then weapons, strategies, techniques. These are the elements that make a battle. But if we look closely at the 'face of war' we recognize much more: emotions, culture, contexts, personalities and individual characteristics. A new tale of the Middle Ages in 21 fateful moments that decided history. When we think of the Middle Ages, images of swords, castles and armor automatically come to mind. Almost everything we remember from this historical period has to do with battles, duels or sieges. Never as in the thousand years of the Middle Ages, war has occupied such a central place in the life of men. In these pages we will find all the most famous battles, from Hastings to Azincourt, from Poitiers to Bouvines, but more than once we will be amazed by entering distant, unknown and fascinating places: from the humid Indian plains to the gorges of Tajikistan, from the waters of Japan to the unexplored valleys of the Aztec Empire, from the ice of the Baltic to the deep desert of Arabia. Each of these 21 'weapons facts' becomes a prism through which we know the progress of the 'art of war', but also men, cultures, contexts. A book that all military history buffs will like and that has the ambition to propose a new look, capable of involving all those who love history.

Federico Canaccini
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La Edad Media en 21 batallas
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