Yanomami, l'esprit de la forêt

Perhaps the best way to grasp the spirit of the forest is to approach the cosmology of the Yanomami shamans who live in Northern Brazil. Their thinking and daily practice are in fact in perfect balance with the totality of life forms - human and non-human, visible and invisible - that populate the Amazon forest. The Yanomami conception of the world, contrary to the Western one, does not contemplate a clear division between "humans", in the role of conquerors, and another, peripheral "nature", subordinated to the predatory arrogance of man - and in some cases object of desperate and ambiguous repentance. For the Yanomami, nature is urihi a, or the "earth-forest-world", "a sort of meta-organism" in which everyone (living or otherwise) coexists in harmony despite their apparent differences. Bruce Albert and Davi Kopenawa, friends and comrades in battle for almost half a century, in this book allow the extraordinary polyphony of the voices coming from urihi a to fully resonate and, deconstructing the concept of nature and the typically Western distinction between human and non-human, celebrate "an alchemical fusion between anthropology and ecology". Through reflections, dialogues and images, the text returns, from different perspectives, the essential complexity of the ecosystem and launches a courageous cry of alarm against man's self-destructive violence.

Bruce Albert, Davi Kopenawa
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Nottetempo (2023)
With the title:
Lo spirito della foresta
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