Introduzione alla vita etica

This is one of the last works by Giuseppe Capograssi (1889-1956), an exceptional personality for his nobility, his humility, and the extent of his thinking. This book describes the man in the historical adventure of his life and his work, never leaving the concrete life plan: the destiny of man is not distinguishable from that of every man, in the analysis of big and small problems he has to face, from leisure to engagement, from work to rest, from right to politics, from trouble to expectancy, from the history to God.
It is rare to find in a philosophical book something resembling a song - Salvatore Satta evoked the staggering beauty of this "musical work that is L'introduzione alla vita etica" -, such the analysis of the action and the involvement of the individual in the practice of life is done here with vibrant simplicity and intensity. This is not only a great book of moral philosophy, but also an elegy to hope and life.

Giuseppe Capograssi
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Introduction à la vie éthique