It is still believed that the map is a copy of the Earth without realizing that the opposite is true: it is the Earth that from the beginning has taken, for our culture, the form of a map, and therefore space and time have guided our relationship with it. Today, however, these coordinates  turn out to be unable to explain how the world works. Globalization requires an understanding of this relationship, and it means that it is not more possible to count in touch with reality through the powerful mediation of mapping, which reduces to a plane the terrestrial sphere, avoiding to terms with the Earth as well as it really is, with the globe. Thus, according to the geography lesson of the great German critic of the last century, this is a manual of geography without any map, because to indicate where things are already means reply to the preliminary question of their nature. It not only shows the present state of the Earth, the human geography of today, but it redefines the nature of the main models of world's description in our possession: the map first, and then the landscape, the subject, the place, the city, the space.

Franco Farinelli
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