Diritto e Giustizia

"Recognizing the truth of the law as a 'Catholic' one means to recognize it for everyone. The universalist claims of justice and the universalist claim of truth come together to give full meaning to the work of the jurist. As a 'Catholic', the jurist is moved by the belief that 'right' is rooted in the 'good', that  it does not have a confessional character: it is always 'human good', which, in relation to each other, the man needs to defend and promote."

Francesco D'Agostino teaches Philosophy of Law at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and at the Pontifical Lateran University, he is president of the Union of Italian Catholic Jurists and honorary chairman of the National Committee for Bioethics.

Francesco D'Agostino
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Translated in:
Principia (2014)
With the title:
Direito e Justiça
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