Il Complesso di Telemaco

The complexes of Oedipus and Narcissus constituted decisive interpretations to understand the discomfort of Civilization and are widely entered into the common culture. But today they are no longer enough to interpret the suffering of young people. If the figure of Oedipus has highlighted the conflict between generations and the beneficially traumatic impact of Law on human life, that of Narcissus showed how our time is dominated by homo felix, dedicated to the frivolous but deadly worship of himself. This hegemony of Narcissus leaves today a catastrophic legacy: the myth of growth and self-oriented expansion is succumbing, the show proved to be an empty and melancholic circus. In this context, a new figure appears to represent the discomfort. It is that of Telemachus. Massimo Recalcati has worked for several years on the theme of the father and of his absence. In his vision in the foreground there is no more a terrible conflict between the generations, nor the hedonist and sterile self-assertion, but a brand new need for the father, for adults able to offer a credible evidence of how to live with enthusiasm and vitality on this Earth.



Massimo Recalcati
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Anagrama (2014)
With the title:
El Complejo de Telémaco
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