Imagine going on a journey through the entire Roman Empire. To accomplish it you have just to follow a sestertius. Dwelling on people gradually coming into possession of the coin, we discover all their faces, their feelings, their way of life, their habits, their homes. We will pass from the hands of a merchant to those of a slave, from a prostitute to the Emperor. The trip is hypothetical, but entirely plausible. The characters really lived in that time, in those places, bearing those names and held that job. Everything is the result of a long research. Even the words uttered are "original": they comes from the works of authors such as Martial, Ovid and Juvenal. And step by step, discovering the "behind the scenes" of the Empire, we realize how much the world of the Romans, the first great globalization of the story, it was basically very similar to ours.

Alberto Angela
Year of Publication
Translated in:
Art House (2015)
With the title:
Rooman valtakunta
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